Since man first crawled out of the slime, he has dreamed...
Now he can stop dreaming.

How does it work?

  • transistorized fruit flies
  • plasma / binary interface module
  • VERY large magnets

Why do I want it?

  • the future is passing you by
  • your competitors want you not to want it
  • fruit flies

What about the Dimfox Diddler?

  • linked to spontaneous embolisms
  • juvenile crime
  • and mass extinctions

OK, OK! But What Do I Have to do to GET IT?

  • cover your extremities with zinc oxide
  • secure your microprocessor with duct tape
  • clear away children and nursing mothers .... now CLICK

YES!Tell me about BUZZ JACKSON, founder of PACKET DIDDLER INC.
YES! I'd like to send my comments to David Coppard publicity coordinator for BUZZ JACKSON

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Oh, screw it. So... what's on the tube tonight? I could sure go for a burger. What's this thing on my leg?

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