We won't insult you with a sales pitch. Buzz Jackson, inventor of the PACKET DIDDLER, wouldn't let us insult you with a sales pitch, although we begged him to.


Do you sometimes think "Golly, I shouldn't have done it *that* way?"
IT PACKET DIDDLER will ensure you never do it *that* way again

Do you sometimes wonder how your life might have gone if you hadn't bunged everything up?
IT PACKET DIDDLER will put your life back on track

You, being a man, a woman, or a man/woman, depending on how you want to identify yourself - it's up to you. Just like the PACKET DIDDLER is up to you.

Make a choice. Make a choice right now. Go on.... Here's a link for you, go on , click it - this is your future. Once you hit this link, you will see your life for what it is and for what it could be.


That's OK. Its OK to be afraid. But when you are living in a soot covered tenement, eating stray cats and dodging stray bullets because you haven't a dime to your name, won't you be more afraid then?


Just make a choice. Take a chance.

It's up to you.

We'll give you two choices, because it's up to you:

Yes, show me the future! The IT PACKET DIDDLER awaits.
No, Please just let me wallow in my own banality like a pig in dung

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