• Remember when you were a child, lying curled in the foetal position in your closet, thinking about the early computer pioneers?

    At IT Packet Diddler, we remember, too.
    And what we remember was that those scientists loved to fire energy pulses through vacuum tubes. Yes, they were pretty foolish back then. But a few of them were not so stupid. Some were borderline clever. The janitor had some good ideas too.

    The cleverest of all, a man so far ahead of the others that when he spoke they would often turn away, cover their mouths and shake uncontrollably until tears came out of their eyes, was Buzz Jackson.

    Buzz showed some of his borderline clever colleagues that the pulses they fired through vacuum tubes created patterns in glowing lights. Buzz began to recognise the patterns. There seemed to be a logic to them.

    They looked almost...


    Thus was born the computer.

    Some scientists followed Buzz's lead and began to experiment with the new technology. They, however, never dared to comprehend, as Buzz, comprehended, the way computers really worked.

    When he tried to expound his theories to them, they other scientists only laughed, told him he was crazy, told him to stop screaming and put some pants on. Deep down, though, they knew he was right. They were only telling him he was crazy out of jealousy, and because they secretly wanted to be like him.

  • On the outside, they scoffed

  • But on the inside they suffered from a terrible anxiety.

    What the foolish scientists sensed, and what the smart scientists knew, was that the secret force creating those patterns of light and dark could be summed up in one word: DIDDLERS.

    Behind the dark glare of your computer screen, the DIDDLERS are sending this text to you; diddlage is behind your DOS, your spreadsheets, your Windows, and it is diddlage that plants those secret messages in your login scripts.


    YES, but tirst tell me about Buzz Jackson, and how he discovered the Diddlers
    NO, I am an ignorant bug

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