Here, Space Turns into Time

I think that line is in Parsifal, the opera. Phillip Dick mentions it in his novel VALIS. That's where the phrase, "King Felix" comes from, too. Look it up sometime. It is a heckuva book, and inspired this site to a certain extent. That and the gnostic gospels, also to a certain extent, though not quite as certain. The gnostic element has more to do with the way the information is organised than with the content per se. Information theory and gnostic hermeneutics have a lot in common. I (will) explain this more on the main page. Alternately, you can skip the middleman and check out this article, Tongues of Fire and Whirlwinds of Noise or this slightly wacky collection of quotes.

Anyhoo, as you've probably figured out, I haven't finished this part yet. See below for edit history. Send me accusing e-mails if the time between additions and updates seems to be too long. I'm at

August 9: added some java to index.html; scoped out the mrs_water.html and orientat.html pages. Background music was Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out album, to which I attribute any incoherency within the affected pages.

 August 12: drew up and installed a very rough new draft of  primary menu page at kfelix.html. It is basically a proof of concept right now, with no real content and still pretty ugly. It uses a complicated java script I swiped from htmlgoodies and messed around with. More changes as I figure it out. Background music was the radio and somebody's car alarm.

August 13: improved kfelix.html; put in place the skeleton pages for the explicitly gnostic stuff. Shape of site essentially complete

August 14: found way to make an e-mail look like an e-mail on a web page without losing ability to manipulate the text in html. Huzzah! Drew up mrs_water.html and a.html using this technique. Used a sticky note I scanned at work. Making plans to create an options box using java script, where reader is given a choice. Orientat.html not ready to go up yet.

August 19: geez. five days. Been slacking. orientat.html is now up
August 20: tidied orientat.html  up. Wretched page has been holding me up.

August 22/23: added a new story, called Hey Man, Lay off the Chicken; added the Hermeneutic Fun House main page. Story idea occurred to me earlier today and pretty much wrote itself. Background music was REM's "New Adventures in Hi-Fi", which turned out to be great web surfin' & composin' music.

August 24: added an options box to a.html plus two very simple html pages. The story will be different depending on the choice you make. Works, but needs scroll command put in there, plus some text on page for yokels who don't hit the right number.

August 25/26: deleted options box and replaced it with dual image blinking TS Eliot ripoff thing. Much simpler now. Software used to make the new page included: Netscape Composer, Notepad, Corel Draw, and Corel Photo Paint. Java ain't for wusses. Link to new page from a.html.

August 26/27: made chicken.html shorter and sexier after browsing some literary sites. Wondered what possessed me to write it. Added a mailto link and a 'what's new' link to the main page.  Gotta get at least some placeholder stuff in the gnostic section before I can start leaving my website address in guestbooks and such. Homer go sleep now.

August 30: MOVING DAY! I'M MOVING TO A NEW APARTMENT AND I'LL HAVE NEITHER PHONE NOR INTERNET  UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2. THE SITE IS ON HIATUS UNTIL THEN, ALTHOUGH I'LL CONTINUE WORKING ON IT ON MY PC. Anyway, if you're looking for something to do, you can always check out a couple of sites dedicated to the two most suppressed practices in the western esoteric tradition: gnosticism and nude fishing. They'll challenge your most deeply held beliefs. Enjoy.

September 29: OK I'm back. That was a long hiatus. As you scroll down this page, though, it's no time at all. I just watched pi: the movie and got all inspired. I haven't even started ripping off their website yet. My fifteen dollar mouse is driving me MAD. I'm going to need to get a new one. Fiddlesticks. Anyhoo, here is where I am kinda sorta heading. It ain't much yet, I know. The text snippets come from the Gospel of Thomas.

October 1: Links! go back to kinda sorta heading and link in. I am the jade monkey.

October 17: I was *thinking*. Made some changes to the above. Note to self: cut icon. add text underneath in Arial 3. Brighten by factor of 10. Resample as an 8 bit. Save as a gif. Lather, rinse, repeat. Smash mouse into tiny little pieces. Go look at pictures of deformed frogs.

November 6: Check it out! The link from the previous paragraph is carrying over into this one. I suppose if the previous link weren't carrying over like this, I might be tempted to include a link to the 'variations' section of the personals in Victoria's own Monday Magazine, thereby leading some poor reader to click on it and end up 'journeying to the inner soul' of a pansexual being from Cowichan. Oh, what the hell, here ya go. Enjoy. I added something to the site, btw. Go find it.

November 7 came very, very close to adding something.

November 19 man am I ever close to adding something. Been working on an image map for days now. I've almost figured it out. In the meantime, here is a popular site dedicated to the proposition that Bert (of Ernie and Bert) is evil. Note that somewhere in there (too lazy to look for it again) is a link to a mutant frogs site, albeit a different one than the one that caught my fancy. Most intriguing.
... ok. here. gotta reorganise now.

17 January, 1999  dammit, I bit off too more than I could chew. Luckily, I am learning to use Front Page through work, so maybe I can figure out how to automate my web page production a little better. Oh, and here's a link to Jonathan Crowe's web page. When he isn't studying for his PhD, Jonathan enjoys writing cover letters for sport in B.C.'s fabulous Gulf Islands.

25 January 1999. A gazillion people hit my site today, all of them landing on the page entitled Writing the Masterful Cover Letter. It would seem that one of Excite's spiders recently crept through my site and now every job hunter on the planet who types in "how to write a cover letter" at the search prompt gets that page as the second best hit. Eyebrows are arching from New York to Novosibirsk. Or not, come to think of it. Hmmmm.  I'm almost tempted to post the proceedings from the 1946 cover letter symposium, just to see what flies. I'd be happy to give people advice. For the time being, though I've just added a link to my home page, in case anyone wants to quit job hunting and edify themselves. Work is for chumps.