As Dr. North watched intently, Lemuel rushed around the apartment gathering everything together in a heap. Then, when all the books, pictures, rugs, drapes, furniture and bric-a-brac had been collected, he systematically smashed everything into a shapeless mass. "You see," he said, exhausted and pale from the violent effort, "the distinction into arbitrary objects is now gone.
   The unification of things into their basic homogeneity can be applied to the universe as a whole. The universe is a gestalt, a unified substance, without division into living and non living, being and non-being. A vast vortex of energy, not discrete particles! Underlying the purely artificial appearance of physical objects lies the world of reality: a vast undifferentiated world of pure energy. Remember: the object is not the reality. First law of Null-O thought!

   Dr. North was deeply impressed.

Nullo? Don't get this part
(pulled out of 3d volume of Dick stories)