Vol. 3, No. 3 (27 January 1995)


"You should read more history, Number One." — Capt. Picard


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Angus J. McWetboy, a noted cheese enthusiast and researcher of dubious reputation, was arrested yesterday on charges of appropriation of voice.

The arrest occurred during a taping of "Flo and Angus at the Movies," in which McWetboy and Florence Wankworth-Scupperfield, the only arts reporter fully certified in the use of surface-to-air missiles, were discussing the comparative merits of Antonioni's BLOW-UP and the premiere episode of STAR TREK: VOYAGER.

Wankworth-Scupperfield, of indeterminate age, said of the incident: "I was just explaining the shortcomings in both works of not having a bald French captain with cybernetic implants, when fourteen policemen wearing balloons over their heads and weilding lap cheong sausages barged into the recording studio. Then they started bashing Angus and hauled him off. I believe the last words of his I heard were, 'I haven't explained about truffle weevils yet!' This is, well, sad."

McWetboy, of irrelevant age, has been a film reviewer for BY GOSH for the past eight days. He has previously sold cheese on streets of Levant cities, but is probably most famous for arguing that Barney the Dinosaur is in fact fascist. That case is still before the courts. In the meantime, McWetboy has been charged with nine counts of appropriation of voice.

When asked to elaborate upon the charges, the Crown Attorney assigned to the case had this to say: "Not in front of all these people. Oh! I see what you mean. Well, the Robbie Burns Society says that Angus is in fact Swedish, for one, and there's a request for extradition to Tadzhikistan."

BY GOSH editor Ed Note said there were plans to replace Angus McWetboy as film critic, but refused to elaborate for reporters.

From the BY GOSH International News Services


Medical history is certainly the most fascinating of histories. But it is also the most complicated, tangled and difficult to describe. Probably because, as I have often mentioned, there is no such thing as a partial or isolated history—medical or otherwise—that does not have some bearing on the broader sweep of history in general.
—Fernand Braudel, The Identity of France II: People and Production, translated by Sian Reynolds (London: Fontana Press, 1991), p. 183.


I had heard about this gem for a while. Then earlier this week it appeared, unsolicited, in my mailbox, from a friend of my brother who is studying science at the University of Manitoba. (Of all places: there, I said it, so you don't have to.) I am happy to say it exceeded all my expectations. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. [JHC]

[ Removed; it's been reprinted on many web pages, including this one. ]

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