Miscellaneous Projects by Jonathan Crowe hosts some projects by Jonathan Crowe, a blogger, editor and writer based in Shawville, Quebec, and some by his friends.

My Projects

Ankylose This!
A group blog about living with ankylosing spondylitis.
Fragmentary archive of a silly student club newsletter.
Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they’re there, and you’re not.
An sf/fantasy fanzine that tries to do something different with the format.
A blog about trains and the people crazy about them.
I can has mouse?
Snakes on Film
Nitpicking snakes’ appearances in movies and on television.
Useful Music
The history of the social utility of music.

Friends’ Projects

The IT Packet Diddler
Buzz Jackson is the sum of all things. By David Coppard.
King Felix
The age of chaos is upon you. Also by David Coppard.

A web site for garter snake enthusiasts.
The home page of my significant other, Jennifer Seely.
My personal home page.
The Map Room, a weblog about maps.
My old personal home page (archives still accessible).
My tumblelog.
The Pontiac Archives, preserving the heritage of Quebec’s Pontiac region.
Prime Focus, a tumblelog about astrophotography.